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Due to today’s demanding expectations and the limited time available, Barracuda Barcatering has developed a special training program that allows anyone interested to participate.

Our training courses are informative, precise and to the point.

Barracuda Barcatering is happy about every interested participant and is looking forward to every exchange of experiences. Of course our instructors have the IHK degree Bar Master and are also in possession of the instructor qualification certificate (AEVO). Barracuda Barcatering examines IBA Masters and IHK Bar Master graduates of the Bar School Rostock.

Course 1

Basic Course

For career changers, restaurant-hotel specialist with specialization “Bar”.

Theory: History of the cocktail/mixed drink, product knowledge, ingredients, recipes, origin, production, equipment/materials of the bar
Practice: Production techniques, mixing at the bar, systematics at the bar
Duration: one day

Course 2

Professional Course

For professional bartenders or who want to become one, 3 years of professional experience or graduate of the Junior Class course

Theory: Beverage teaching/groups, international recipes, decorations
practice and organization: professional work at the bar, speed training, working with 2 hands, working technology
Trends: Catering, molecular and cuisine style cocktails
Duration: one day

Course 3

Seaman’s Career

For all those who have always had the dream of going to sea and want to finally fulfill it.

Preparation course for all levels and specialization for bartenders:

  • perspectives, expectations, career and goals
  • Preparation phase: What has to be done?
  • The first days on board
  • People and life on board (crew)
  • Differences in living and working conditions
  • Cruiseliner
  • Riverboat
  • Sailing ship / yacht
  • Scheduled freight/ferry
  • USPH/HACCP: Hygiene on board
  • Safety drills

Supporting information:
Employment contracts and length/wage/unemployment benefit/E 301

With completion of this Barracuda course there is the possibility to apply to different shipping companies and to recommend yourself.

In this way we have already been able to make many people’s dreams come true.

Duration: one day

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