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Fully automatic machines and portafilter machines

high comfort,
large beverage variety - coffee with quality

We offer mobile coffee catering with a high degree of flexibility and comfort throughout Europe.

Our sieve carrier machines by La Marzocco and our WMF Presto fully automatic coffee machines are converted to maximum flexibility with mobile tank systems and offer your guests a varied choice of beverages for enjoyable coffee moments.


Latte Art / Branding

Latte Art: The high art of milk foam design makes every coffee a real eye-catcher.

Branding:With our 3D coffee printer it even becomes a small work of art. In addition to our coffee machines you can also rent a 3D coffee / milk foam printer. Whether individual image motifs or your own corporate design – the result is a wide variety of motifs on your milk froth.

So every cup of coffee fits your company perfectly.

Fully equipped and suitable for any catering

WMF Presto - Fully automatic machine

Touch display
Fully automatic system cleaning
Height-adjustable outlet
Easy maintenance
6 product buttons with double assignment (12 available products)
Individual programming
Variable portion quantity

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