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Champagne for special moments

A fine champagne is the ideal companion at any event. It celebrates special moments and ensures a true drinking pleasure. However, if champagne is used in the form of a pyramid or a fountain, it is considered the crowning highlight. A large number of glasses are layered on top of each other on several levels, creating a flowing work of art.

You want something very special for your event or celebration? Then we offer you a spectacular performance with our champagne pyramid as well as our champagne fountain, which will be remembered for a long time.

thrilling sensation

Champagne Pyramid

The kick for weddings and events with themes around the 20s. We layer up to 10 floors and 250 glasses for your event on top of each other and fill the pyramid professionally with champagne.

The pyramid stands on champagne bottle dummies with plexiglass panes as intermediate level. On request we serve all desired brands.

Dimensions: 1,5 x 1,5 m
Contents: On request – the champagne pyramid can be rented only in combination with sparkling wine.
Glass type: Schott and Zwiesel champagne bowl

Product launch for champagne brands

Champagne Fountain

Sparkling products can be effectively staged at the point of sale. Our champagne pyramid is also a great eye-catcher for company events, fairs or private parties. We stack 140 glasses on seven floors. The construction is stabilized by intermediate levels of plexiglass. A transparent pipe runs through the middle of the glasses and fills the top glass. The liquid in the champagne fountain is kept in motion by an invisible pump. For show purposes only or for single use with champagne.

Dimensions: 1 × 1 m
Colour: Gold
Contents: Distilled water with or without dye or champagne
Glass type: Schott and Zwiesel real glass

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