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You Drink, We Drive

Cocktail truck for every occasion

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Drivebar - Berlin

Mobile cocktail catering

We bring your favourite cocktails and also extraordinary cocktail creations directly to your event: no matter if it is a company event, summer party, wedding or anniversary.
With our cocktail truck you will receive a unique concept that will set you apart from other event organizers. Our qualified personnel will ensure a relaxed atmosphere and satisfied guests. We bring everything with us and you can sit back, relax and enjoy your event.


Fully equipped

  • Bar counter
  • Back buffet
  • 2 screens for showing your own menu
  • many branding opportunities
  • 120 l Fresh water tank
  • 120 l Waste water tank
  • Water pump and heater
  • Cabinet for bottles (alcohol, syrup etc.)
  • Hand-rinse basin, sink and “Spülboy”

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