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Not all ice cubes are the same. Produced using a cube shape, they look relatively unattractive and dissolve within a few minutes. The result: the cocktail is watered down and loses its taste. We produce our own ice cubes using precision-made machines. We attach great importance to compliance with the required hygiene standards, so that you can be sure of the best ice quality.

Furthermore you have the possibility to use our delivery service. From a minimum order value of 50 kg, you will receive both 34mm cubes and 45mm ice balls – double-frozen at -20 °C. So your cocktails will stay fresh and full of flavour.

Barracuda Ice Balls

Ice cubes were yesterday, now it's ice balls!

We offer you the possibility to order drinks from Barracuda at your event also with Iceballs.

The ball has not only optical advantages, but also offers more cooling surface in relation to an ice cube of the same size and thus cools better and more intensively. So you need less ice and you have optically something ahead of all others.

You can also order ice balls for your own drinks from our delivery service.

packing unit:
10 kg bag, piece ø 45mm, 45g


Ice cube with frozen flowers

For special occasions Barracuda mixes your cocktails with frozen flowers in the ice cubes.
The clear cubes are neutral in taste and offer an eye-catcher at your event.

Especially in spring or summer perfect for your cocktail reception.

You can also order Flower-Cubes for your own drinks from our delivery service.

Single piece request, piece 50×50×50 mm, 70g


Coloured ice cubes to match the drink!

We manufacture special ice cubes in our own production.
Coloured ice cubes are an eye-catcher.

You can also order coloured ice cubes for your own drinks from our delivery service.

packing unit:
10 kg bag, piece ø 45mm, 45g

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